Down Tree, Down

Time to go away all you Christmas drag.  I’m sick of looking at you.  

Not especially enjoying the family bull shit either.  Last night was potentially the last of the uncomfortable – nothing to say because we really have nothing in common – dinners.  Ready to go back to my fairly isolated, somewhat selfish and wonderfully comfortable existence.  Possibly ready for a new year, although a number really doesn’t change anything.  A day can. 

There’s no food

“Mom, we’re even out of milk” – as she pours the last of the milk in a too full glass.  The chances that she will drink it all and not leave the glass half full (or empty, but today I’m an optimist) are so slim I’m not even going to project.  As almost everyone knows, when you’re out of milk its bad, real bad.  “Fortunately for you, there’s plenty of water”, I tell her as I contemplate what one can make with half a bag of expired shredded cheese, stale Triscuits and an apple.  Honestly we should be on a fasting diet anyway.  




One ID down, one to go.  I believe that if I had not had twins I might just be sane now.  Expecting one person to do every effing thing twice is over the top.  It’s like some cosmic force has been saying “here’s what this is like, you know it sucks, now do it again” for seventeen years.  Wow, thanks cosmic force.

I am much more pleased with the prospect of the rest of my day, primarily because it involves no family.  None.  No holier than thou ‘I make money and protect my assets and therefore you should live under the same illusion and be worried and anal at all times’ statements from older brothers.  Better prepared for life older brothers.  Better parent older brother.  Well, have fun with all that.  I get to go be and do as I wish for the rest of the day, child free and blessed.  The view is pretty nice from here.


Here we go

It’s 9:03 and I have exactly 16 minutes left on my battery life. I have -15 minutes to get ready to go meet my brother and son to get his first id card, which I’m fairly sure will take all day; however, I’m not sure I like either of them right now, although I should be happy someone is going with me. Honestly, I just feel like crap. I’m cold and crampy. And I really don’t like my son in general.